ADHD Assessments & Resource Guide

ADHD Assessment for girls and women worth $66
ADHD Assessment for adults worth $66
Parent Reading List and Resources Document, Forums, Podcasts, Adult ADHD Resources. worth $133

This information was gathered through over 20 years in private practice as a paediatrician and in working with thousands of families where children had behavioural problems, learning and concentration problems. Supporting families to answer the following questions:

What is Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder?
What is actually wrong with my child?
What causes ADHD?
What does not cause ADHD?
What happens to my child as they get older?
How does ADHD impact our family?

Total Value $265
Sold at $50

Fundmentals of ADHD Course

Full ADHD Assessment done By Dr Flett online or in person at his consultation rooms:

Normal 75min of my time $377
Parent forms $66
Teachers from $66
Adult forms $66
Script $10

Addition support groups and free courses
Value $585

**Only charging $270 covered mainly by medical scheme
Discounted by $315

The problem is that there are not many ADHD tests for diagnosis.

The best test you can find, is to use the most experienced person you can find when it comes to ADHD, especially in children where it often presents in a different way.

As a paediatrician with over two decades of experience, and working with thousands of families, specialising in ADHD in children, I have been able to help many families who have been meeting dead ends for years with their child.

I have developed a fool proof method to help you unlock the mind of your child and secure their future and this is the methodology, me and my team use to help children and families with ADHD.

Treatment, deliberately forms the 5th step as the basis needs to be covered first to ensure a successful journey for both the child with ADHD and the family.

The 5 step process
Step 1: Accept
Step 2: Diagnosis
Step 3: Help
Step 4: Direction
Step 5: Treatment