FAQ About ADHD Medications

· May 15, 2022


In this educational three-part video series, Dr. John Flett, an experienced paediatrician, delves into the complexities of ADHD medications. The series aims to clarify common concerns, offering parents, educators, and individuals a deeper understanding of ADHD treatment approaches.

Part 1: Overview of ADHD Medications

  • Dr. Flett emphasizes personalized medication choices based on each child’s unique needs.
  • Three primary categories of ADHD medications are discussed:
    • Stimulants: Quick-acting and effective in approximately 90% of children.
    • Non-stimulants: Slower in reaching full efficacy.
    • Alternative Medications: Used when standard options are unsuitable.
  • The video also covers the importance of monitoring side effects and the need for regular medication intake for continuous symptom management.

Part 2: Managing ADHD Medication for Children

  • Considerations for stopping medication: Importance of collaborative decision-making involving doctors, teachers, and parents.
  • Medication and food: Advisability of taking medication with food and considerations for diet.
  • Addressing medication effectiveness: Adjusting dosages and considering external factors like sleep and anxiety.
  • Necessity of medication: Comparing ADHD treatment to other chronic conditions for understanding its importance.
  • Common side effects include managing appetite, sleep, and emotional changes.
  • Assessing medication effectiveness: Observing changes in engagement, motivation, and behaviour.

Part 3: Safety, Age Limitations, and Concerns

  • Emphasizes the importance of regular health checks and addresses common concerns, including:
    • Safety and addiction potential of Ritalin.
    • Medication addressing root causes of ADHD.
    • Stimulants’ impact on children’s behaviour and growth.
    • Use of medicines across various age groups, including very young children and older adults.
    • Debunking myths about cancer risks and sudden death associated with ADHD medications.
    • Long-term benefits of stimulant use in children with ADHD.


This comprehensive video series by Dr. Flett provides valuable insights into ADHD medications, addressing frequent questions and concerns with an emphasis on safe, effective management tailored to individual needs. Dr Flett encourages viewers to seek further information and personalised advice for their situations.

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