Learn about the symptoms of ADHD

· May 21, 2022

ADHD Symptoms The symptoms of ADHD vary by individual and by sub-type: inattentive, hyperactive, or combined. Here, take symptom tests and learn more about inattention, distractibility, disorganization, time blindness, impulsivity, and other common signs of attention deficit disorder.


Fails to give close attention to details

Makes careless mistakes

Cannot sustain attention to tasks or activities

Doesn’t seem to listen well

Doesn’t follow through on instructions

Fails to finish work

Cannot organize activities well

Avoids or seems reluctant to do things requiring sustained effort

Loses things necessary to complete tasks or activities

Is easily distracted Forgets things


Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat

Leaves seat when expected to remain seated

Runs about or climbs on things where inappropriate to do so Is unable to play quietly

Often seems to be “on the go” or “driven by a motor”

Talks too much Blurts out answers prematurely

Cannot wait Interrupts or intrudes on others’ activities

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